Limited Edish

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Every winter, Limited Edish will be releasing new designs and some old favourites as sweaters. It would be an honour to keep you warm this winter!

In the middle of this global health crisis, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi quietly donated thousands of face masks to Italy. On the shipping boxes they included a small note that quoted Roman philosopher Seneca. The note simply read "We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden."  

Orders for this special sweater are only open for the duration of the South African National lockdown. Remember this unique moment in history with this guy!


We're excited to once again be working with the super talented Elio Moavero, who was perfect to realise this special tee with us! 

IF YOU'RE NEW TO THIS, please see our Size Guide & Shipping Policy, as well as what we are all about and why we can be trusted. 

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