The Old Man Doktrine Tee


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The Old Man Doktrine Tee
You might remember the Doktrine kids from myspace or maybe even from the Griet and Hotbox party years. Founded in 2007, Doktrine started out as a design studio with a focus on photography, video, and illustration. The Pretoria beast grew rapidly evolving into something bigger, wilder, more entertaining, and super dangerous.
Like most crazy party beasts the burnout came quick, like your 15 year old cousin on three brutal-fruits at your grandmothers 80th birthday celebration. In 2013, broken, bleeding and severely dehydrated, the wolf fled into the night.
Contemplating underachievement, in a performance driven world, the wolf got lost in an existential maze. Mostly just chasing its tail.
After years of roaming the streets, the wolf is back.
Older, wiser and ‘lus om kak te maak.’
To celebrate the return, the wolf has been redesigned and transformed. Ready to cover you succulent flesh.
We present to you,‘The Old Man Doktrine’ tee.
Get ready for something ‘Moerse Average’…

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