Lauren Peachfish - Buffy St Marie - Watercolour PRINT

Lauren Peachfish

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Lauren Peachfish - Buffy St Marie - Watercolour PRINT

By day, Lauren Peachfish works as a tattoo artist out of Fallen Heroes, one of South Africa's most reputable tattoo parlours. Like many of her ilk, she is also an incredible artist in her own right, and for the sheer love of painting and creating, comes in to work early to produce works like this, purely for the fun of it.

She has very kindly let us share this work with the world. These watercolour portraits are available now as A4 prints. 

An ode to the music icons that have informed her life, this series comes literally straight out of her notebook and features some of the most recognised, and in a few cases unrecognised faces that have shaped music history.

These works are only the beginning. Look out for more work to appear soon, both prints and original artworks for sale.

See more of Lauren's work here.

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