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Limited Edish

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Inspired by our journey with the Hillbrow Record Centre tee, noticing and loving the logo of iconic record label 'Joburg Records', took us on an adventure to meet the label's founder and get the blessing to make this tee.


With the help of vinyl trading friends, we were able to track down label founder Patric Van Blerk and pitch our idea to him. Happy with the honouring, Patric agreed to us doing this special run of T-shirts. Now being that much more conscious of the label, we've enjoyed discovering the extent of their catalogue, and the careers of the label founders. Publishing in the late 1970's the label released and developed artists such as Rabbit, Margaret Singana, Julian Laxton, and the Radio Rats to name a few. We also later found out label founder Patric was also one of the songwriters behind classic South African anthem 'Paradise Road', amongst many other incredible accomplishments. 

This type of uncovering and schooling has always been so rewarding and important to us, and we hope you come along with us on these discoveries. The two colour versions we have opted to do, are inspired by colour schemes the label used on the vinyl stickers themselves. In-store, we plan to experiment with a few once-off prints of their more vibrant colour schemes, so keep an eye out for those!

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