Flake Records - #3 T Shirt

Flake Records

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Flake Records - #3 T Shirt

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Flake Records is an incredible record store in Osaka Japan, and is often listed on internet lists of one of the record stores you need to visit before you die. After stumbling across a remix of South African band Desmond and The Tutus many years ago, store owner Wada 'Dawa' Takahiro would proceed to change the lives of both Desmond And The Tutus, and fellow indie rock band Shortstraw forever. 

You see, apart from just owning the store, Dawa licenses indie bands from around the world and stocks their music in stores across Japan, and organises tours for them to help promote their music. As a member of Shortstraw, LE owner Russell Grant was able to bring back some of the iconic merchandise made by Flake Records from the many trips to this wonderland.

You see hip T-shirts like this all the time in big mass producing clothing stores. You may wonder if those record stores or auto body shop are even real places, perhaps you dont care. This one is for those that do care. This place is real and it's amazing.

LImited sizes available.

If you like this, but it wont fit you, email redteamgonetwork@gmail.com and we can get you on a waiting list for the next batch.

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