Desmond And The Tutus - Special Japanese Release VINYL

Flake Records

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Desmond And The Tutus - Special Japanese Release VINYL

A must-have for all fans of South African indie-rock outfit Desmond and The Tutus.

A special remix of Desmond and the Tutus' hit track 'Kiss You On The Cheek' done by South African based DJ 'King Of Town', got the attention of an assortment of influential people around the world. One of which was Flake Records owner Dawa Takahiro in Osaka. This lead to a one-of-a-kind relationship with the band that would later lead to tours of Japan, and an ever growing fanbase for African infused indie-rock.

One for the collectors, this 2008 Japanese release vinyl features a number of interesting remixes by an assortment of DJs from around the world, as well as the early recordings of Desmond that first had them burst in the scene.


This connection to Japan is what would later connect fellow Limited Edish band Shortstraw to Flake Records, as well as intern a personal relationship with Limited Edish founder Russell Grant. And its through this very long history that we are now able to make this rare release now available outside of Japan. For more in the store by Flake Records, go here.


Side A

Kiss You On The Cheek (80kidz Remix)

Old Girl (Cubismo Grafico Mix)

Peter (a&na Mix)

Peter (LOVE AND HATES Remix)

Side B


Old Girl

Kiss You On The Cheek