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Boosh - The Boosh Sweater

Boosh started as a fun Sunday afternoon in the sun in Greenside Johannesburg, and quickly grew into a popular event series that just kept on growing, earning itself a cult-like status along the way. Organised entirely by Johannesburg-based indie rock band Shortstraw, the charmingly DIY event and line-up became recognised as space for upcoming acts to earn their chops, as well as a chance to see also see more established acts, all for a comparatively low ticket price. Every Boosh would then end in various degrees of sweatiness with a set by Shortstraw. Watch a great video encapsulating a particularly memorable Boosh. 

Boosh as a name, then grew into much more. Shortstraw set it up to be an entity to represent the band and the other events that later got organised. With intensive touring schedules and increased risk due to large numbers, Boosh events became difficult to organise, but Shortstraw have not lost hope. These sweaters were then once made because Shortstraw thought it would be nice to have something that had the name Boosh on it. This is the first, and currently the only Boosh clothing item. Hopefully there will be more, as well as more Boosh events themselves. The future looks promising.

These last few sizes are all that remains of this limited run.


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